A list of positive things for when things may not be so positive (2010)

a list of positive things for later when things may not be so positive, was a performed collaboration with Aleks Danko that took place at various sites within the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, as part of Duetto a multi-venue project of performance, installation, photography, painting, video and exhibition ephemera organised and presented by the Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF), Adelaide.



The performance was developed in direct response to four sites in the Botanic Gardens: The Museum of Economic Botany, the Wisteria Arbour, the Palm House and the Summerhouse and a site specific poem (text and actions) was created for each location. The audience was taken on a conducted walking tour of the sites and the performed spoken word and action events presented new perspectives for exploring Adelaide’s Botanical Gardens and gave new insights into the relationships between poetry and botany.

Photography by Michael Zerman.



Between Yeats and Yates


out to the hazel wood

winter wet, summer dry

a fire in my head

paving, pebbles and pine bark

peeled a hazel wand

pockets of cold, prevailing winds

hooked a berry

hollows into cold air flows

white moths were on the wing

early morning warmer and protected

stars were flickering out

shadows in spring

I dropped the berry

somewhere in-between

something rustled on the floor

wisteria, hydrangea

apple blossom in her hair

sheltered from strong winds


the brightening air

slatted fence, turbulence

among long dappled grass

disturb the ground as little as possible

silver apples of the moon


golden apples of the sun


Aleks Danko & Jude Walton 2010

Roses with Adam’s Curse

at one summer’s end

your close friend

talked of poetry

flower form and fragrance,

flushes of bloom long-lived

a line will take us

not seeing a moments thought

our stitching and unstitching

dark dank condition

so they crumble easily

in all kinds of weather

articulate sweet sounds together

to work harder than all these

bare-rooted, dormant, weeping

watering, weeding, mulching, pruning

to be born woman is to know

who thought love should be

Photographer Tony Bishop

Photographer Tony Bishop

quiet at the name of love;

too high wrong angle

too low correct

last embers of daylight die

a moon, worn

I had a thought

above an eye and slanting back

to love you

in that hollow moon


Aleks Danko & Jude Walton 2010

'The doubling of self and other moves through the spoken word poems of Aleks Danko and Jude Walton. Taking their audience on a rambling processional through the Adelaide Botanic Gardens they performed A list of positive things for when things may not be so positive (2010). An index of first lines borrowed from other poets—”musing on roses and revolutions,” “beauty and beauty’s son,” “and the winter’s cold bright tulips we do know”—grew into a singing duologue of lines bouncing back and forth between the poets, a gentle rhythm of the accommodations of each to the other’s thought. Enveloped jellyfish-like in raincoats in the Victorian Palm House, they gave us a couplet of longing (“I mist you,” “I mist you too”) as they lovingly sprayed water into each other’s faces. The rhythm of this nurturing partnership flowed through it all as play and humour.'

Jemima Kemp RealTime issue #98 Aug-Sept 2010 pg. 52